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Let Luca and Rebecca show you the real Italian way of life in Southern Italy. You will be based in Napoli, one of Europe's most amazing romantic cities, where you will mix with local people for a series of social events in the evening and interesting excursions with a difference during the day.

Luca was born in Napoli and has a wealth of experience as a local quide, Rebecca is from Manchester in the UK and has lived in Napoli for 20 years. Between them they can show you the real Napoli and surrounding area that they know and love.

Sirens and the Gods is not a Tour Operator or Travel Agency. We are a local tour guide (Luca) and tour leader (Rebecca) that saw a gap in the market and decided to create this unique experience.

We know that it is always very frustrating arriving in a new city and not having a clue where you should go, where the locals hang out, where are the best restaurants, clubs and bars.

Out comes the guide book but you always get the distinct feeling that

you are missing out on

the 'real' city and that you are missing something.

With us you will never feel like you are 'missing out' as you will be in the midst of it all, the club that everybody is going to that night, the restaurant that everybody is talking about.

The organised excursions will take you to some of the most popular destinations such as the Island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast but you will see and explore them in a way that many tourists don't have the opportunity to do. Napoli is the last truly exotic city in Western Europe.

You won't believe the amazing scenery, arriving back at the harbour after your visit to Capri and appreciate the city skyline, climbing in tiers with the mountains in the distance.

Forget the usual tourist blurb the 3 P's; Pizza, Pompei and Pandemonium, there is a lot more on offer never seen by the average tourist. Forget the coined Victorian phrase 'see Naples and die' think instead 'see Naples and live!' and soak in the beauty of your surroundings and the fascinating people.

Yes, it can be pandemonium but who wants whitewashed uniformity and the usual retailer seen in every major city throughout the world? They are there but mixed in with more individual shops and boutiques.

The climate is almost perfect and the food the best in Italy, after all we did invent the pizza! This is the real Italy a multi layered city which is gutsy and brave.

The day by day excursions have been developed to show you what we believe is the best.

If you would like us to customise the tour in anyway or add extensions, we will be more than willing to look in to the possibility of doing it. Subject to timings, seasons, distances and established schedule.